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Annual Reports

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Annual Report 2002
Annual Report 2001
Annual Report 2000
Annual Report 1999
ANNEXURES-Performance of Chief Vigilance Officers during the period 1.1.98 to 31.12.98
ANNEXURES-Pendency with Chief Vigilance Officers-1998
Annual Report - Jurisdiction, Role and Functions 1997
ANNEXURES - List of organisations which have not furnished Statistical Returns for any quarter during the year 1997
Annual Report - Advisory Role of the Commission 1997
Annual Report - Review meetings taken by the Commission during 1997
ANNEXURES - Pendency with Chief Vigilance Officers 1997
Annual Report - Cases of non-acceptance of Commission's advice and non-consultation with Commission 1997
Annual Report - Delays and other deficiencies in vigilance matters 1997
Annual Report - Chief Vigilance Officers 1997
Annual Report - Procedures/Systems improvements suggested by the Commission 1997