Central Vigilance Commission Reports

Central Vigilance Commission
Status of Complaint Lodged

Dated: 24/3/2018

As per the complaint handling procedure all complainants whose complaints have been sent for action and report by the Commission to the concerned organisation, will be informed about the status of their complaint through the web site of the Commission. The Complainant will also receive a specific acknowledgement no. through which he can login and see the status of the complaint. This is being implemented immediately for all complaints received in the Commission after January 1st, 2005. Progressively, earlier complaints will also be made accessible for information by the complainant.

Generally reports on the complaints sent by the Commission for investigation, are expected by the Commission within a period of three months. Subsequent disciplinary action by the concerned Disciplinary Authority takes around six months. Imposition of penalty takes a further period of three to six months. All the complainants are requested to keep the above time frame in mind while accessing for status of their complaints.

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