Government of India
Central Vigilance Commission


Satarkta Bhawan, Block A,
GPO Complex, INA,
New Delhi 110 023.
Dated: 10.01.2002


Sub: Proper utilisation of specialised vigilance cadre officials.


During the institutional coordination committee meeting as envisaged in the Special Chapter on Vigilance Management in Public Sector Banks held on 10.10.2001, the issue of periodic rotation of officials working in Vigilance Division was discussed in detail. It was pointed out that some of the Public Sector Banks have a separate cadre of Vigilance Officers who were recruited separately from police and have by now acquired considerable specialisation in vigilance investigation. It was agreed that those banks who do not have such a separate vigilance cadre, may examine the possibility of taking these officials in their bank on deputation basis so as to derive benefit from their rich experience. They may also fix the tenure of officials working in the Vigilance Division and rotate them to other divisions on completion of their tenure.

2. All the Public Sector Banks are, therefore, directed to examine this recommendation and take appropriate steps under intimation to the Commission.

(C.J. Mathew)

Deputy Secretary


  1. All CVOs and CMDs of PSBs
  2. RBI
  3. Banking Division