Government of India
Central Vigilance Commission

Satarkta Bhawan, Block A,
GPO Complex, INA,
New Delhi 110 023.
Dated: 10.01.2002


Sub: Exchange of information between PSBs and PSUs.


        During the institutional coordination committee meeting as envisaged in the Special Chapter on Vigilance Management in Public Sector Banks held on 10.10.2001, the issue of exchange of information and documents between PSU/PSB where such information was required to facilitate investigations into cases of financial irregularities/frauds was discussed. It was agreed that such information may be parted within strict confidence after a written request from the concerned CVO is received and the Commission may issue suitable instructions in this regard.

2. Now, therefore, the Commission directs that all the Public Sector Undertaking and the Public Sector Banks may, henceforth, mutually or severally exchange, in strict confidence, any information or documents as may be required to facilitate investigation into financial irregularities/frauds. Such exchange may be made only after a written request from the concerned CVO is made.

(C.J. Mathew)

Deputy Secretary



1. All CVOs and CMDs of PSUs/PSEs/PSBs

2. RBI

3. Banking Division