No. 3(v)/99/15
Central Vigilance Commission


Satarkta Bhawan, block 'A'
GPO Complex, INA,
New Delhi 110 023.
Dated the 16th January 2002

Subject:     System changes in organisation to check corruption.


The Central Vigilance Commission is empowered to exercise superintendence over the vigilance administration of the various Ministries of the Central Government or Corporations established under any Central Act, Government Companies, Societies and local authorities owned or controlled by that Government in terms of the powers invested in it under para (3)(v) of the Ministry of Personnel, Public Grievances & Pensions, Department of Personnel & Training Resolution No. 371/20/99-AVD.III dated 4th April 1999.

2. The Commission, in exercise of these powers, has been conducting studies of systems that lead to corruption and has issued directives to organisations to make appropriate changes. It is quite possible that CVOs, while performing their normal functions, may come across systems and procedures that breed corruption in their organisations. These are to be brought to the notice of the Commission for remedying by issue of directives under the powers vested in the Commission.

3. This is for strict compliance by all CVOs.

4. This order is also available on web-site of the CVC at

(N. Vittal)

Central Vigilance Commissioner



All CVOs of the Ministries/Deptt./PSEs