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Vigilance Manual 2021 Modification / Updation

Title Downloads / Link
Time Extension for providing further information/clarification by the Chief Vigilance Officer, as sought by the Commission - reg. Download (555.04 KB) pdf
Implementation of final penalty orders issued by the Competent Authority and submission of compliance report – reg. Download (581.78 KB) pdf
Reference to be made to Advisory Board for Banking and Financial Frauds (ABBFF), Clarification-regarding. Download (692.47 KB) pdf
Procedure for Handling of complaints sent for necessary action to the organisations concerned - reg. Download (835.44 KB) pdf
Transfer/Posting of officers/officials working in Vigilance Unit of the organisation - reg. Download (982.35 KB) pdf
Adoption and implementation of integrity Pact Revised standard operating Procedure:- regarding Download (1.03 MB) pdf
Revision of panel for consideration for nomination as Independent External Monitors (IEMs) in the Organizations for implementation of Integrity Pact Download (1.86 MB) pdf
Procedure for seeking Commission's advice in cases where CBI has recommended sanction for prosecution -regarding Download (582.21 KB) pdf
Obtaining documents from CBI for the purpose of departmental inquiry proceedings - regarding Download (263.39 KB) pdf
Timely completion of Departmental Inquiries - procedure regarding Download (108.34 KB) pdf
Advisory Board for banking and financial frauds (ABBFF)- extension of scope Download (907.23 KB) pdf
Forwarding Panel of officers to the commission for appointment of part time chief Download (504.96 KB) pdf
Time limit and procedure for seeking reconsideration of Central Vigilance Commission's First Stage Advice -reg. Download (620.36 KB) pdf
Timely finalization of departmental Inquiry Proceedings- improving vigilance administration Download (688.75 KB) pdf
Timely finalization of Departmental Inquiry Proceedings - improving vigilance administration Download (745.87 KB) pdf
Adherence to the provisions of Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for implementation of Integrity Pact- regarding Download (494.47 KB) pdf
Comprehensive guidelines on Complaint Handling Mechanism Download (9.39 MB) pdf