Central Vigilance Commission, the apex institution for vigilance administration in India, uses three main tools for effective vigilance administration:

  • Preventive Vigilance: A potent tool in fight against corruption as it improves upon existing systems and establishes in-built checks within the system to bring about more clarity, standardisation and transparency.
  • Participative Vigilance: It is aimed at bringing stakeholders including public in the decision-making process for more transparency.
  • Punitive Vigilance: It aims to penalise and deter malpractices.

Systemic Improvement in an organisation as part of preventive vigilance strategy, causes a change, which not only alters a fundamental system/process being followed till now, but also improves the efficaciousness of the whole organisation.

Citizens' Suggestions for Systemic Improvement

During Vigilance Awareness Week 2020, the Central Vigilance Commission had called for suggestions from the citizens of India on systemic improvements and reforms that they consider fit for implementation in the government. The suggestions received were deliberated extensively before their implementation.

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Systemic Improvements by Government Organisations

Various organisations have taken notable initiatives to do course correction and improve upon their existing systems. On analysis of complaint received, the Commission has referred matters to concerned organisation for self correction. These systemic improvement measures have also been uploaded on their website for creating more awareness.

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Capacity Building

The Commission believes that successful organisations are those with robust systems of training and therefore endorsed the idea of Induction and Mid-Career training programs across Government Organisations including the Public Sector Undertakings and Banks.

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Attitudinal Change and Ethics

Commission feels that at induction into government organisations or promotions during mid-career, officers' training must expose officers to not only best practices in organisations which are considered as "Institutions of Excellence" but also visits to the villages of India to get inspired and follow best practices and connect with the real issues faced by the common man.

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Systemic Improvements by the Chief Technical Examiners' Wing (CTE)

The Chief Technical Examiner constitutes the technical wing of the Central Vigilance Commission which conducts technical audits or investigations into complaints relating to construction works of government from a vigilance angle. The CTE Wing aids the Commission in bringing out systemic improvements in government organisations’ technical and construction related dealings. It also aids CBI in investigations of technical nature.

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New Initiatives

Going further in its endeavours to create systemic improvements, the Central Vigilance Commission brought about various new initiatives. These initiatives are aimed at showing the way forward for government organisations in becoming more professional, fostering innovation and enhancing skill set through handholding and nurturing leadership and to ensure that knowledge and experience flows seamlessly. Initiatives also focus on developing a positive and transparent approach in handling organisational issues and achieving targets.

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