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The Commission advices Penal Action viz. Prosecution or Disciplinary Action against officials found guilty during investigation/inquiry. It is the responsibility of the organization concerned (Disciplinary Authority) to impose the penalty based on the Commission's advice. The following advices were rendered by the Commission:

1.  Organization-wise breakup of Commission's advice  Launching for prosecution

2.  Prosecution Sanctioned by Competent Authority on Commission's advice

3. Status of Prosecution  reported  b y CBI  (Under PC Act) :

     Sanction for prosecution received/declined against 23   cases.

     14  Charge Sheets were filed in 13   cases.

(B)     Disciplinary Action

 1. The following advice was rendered by the Commission for Disciplinary Action against officials :

Nature of AdviceIst Stage AdviceIInd Stage Advice
Major Penalty6210
Minor Penalty2309
Administrative Action/Warning/Caution etc.2600
Total cases dealt by the Commission20638

2. Action taken by the organization based upon CVC's Advice :

Nature of Action takenNumber of officers
Major Penalty Imposed111
Minor Penalty Imposed60
Advice of CVC not adhered to04