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Preventive Action August 2018

Preventive Action

Advisories are issued by the Commission from time to time to alert the organizations about the vulnerabilities in the organizations, policies, systems and procedures which pose a risk of corruption.

1. Commission vide its Office Memorandum No.PVC/18/01 dated 14.08.2018 had issued guidelines regarding timely payments to the contractors/suppliers/service providers to all the CVOs of CPSEs.


2. Commission vide its Office Memorandum No.018/MISC/02 dated 23.08.2018 had issued guidelines regarding rotation of officers working in sensitive posts to all the Ministries/Deparments/CPSUs/PSBs/FIs/PSICs/ Autonomous bodies.

3.  Commission vide its Circular No.10/08/18 dated 28.08.2018 had issued guidelines regarding applicability of Commission's guidelines on post tender negotiations with regard to projects funded by World Bank and other International Funding Agencies like, IMF, ADB, etc. to all the Ministries/Departments/CPSUs/PSBs/FIs/PSICs/Autonomous Bodies.