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Preventive Action August 2020


(AUGUST - 2020)

III.      Preventive Action

       Advisories are issued by the Commission from time to time to alert the organizations about the vulnerabilities in the organizations, policies, systems and procedures which pose a risk of corruption.

1.   Commission vide its Circular No.07/08/2020 dated 13.08.2020 had issued guidelines regarding Action taken by Chief Vigilance Officers on complaints sent for necessary action (NA) and updation of status in Complaint Management System application by CVOs to all CVOs of Ministries/Departments/CPSUs/PSBs/PSICs/FI/Autonomous Organisations/Societies, etc..

2.   Commission vide its Circular No.08/08/2020 dated 14.08.2020 had issued guidelines regarding Adherence to time limits for investigation of complaints referred by the Commission to Chief Vigilance Officers of Departments/ Organisations to all Secretaries/CVOs of Ministries/Departments of GoI/Chief Executives/CEOs of CPSEs/PSBs/PSICs/FI/Autonomous Organisations/Local Bodies, etc.


3.   Commission vide its Circular No.020/VGL/032 dated 24.08.2020 had issued guidelines regarding Completion of Disciplinary proceeding through Video Conferencing in the wake of COVID-19 pandemic - reg.