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Office Order No Circular/ File Number Date of Issue Subject Downloads
07/08/2020 004/VGL/20 13/08/2020 Action taken by Chief Vigilance Officers on complaints sent for necessary action (NA) and updation of status in Complaint Management System application by CVOs Download (435.47 KB) pdf
28-02-18 Admn 28-02-18 Admn 14/08/2018 Pension Adalat to be organised in the Central Vigilance Commission on 18.09.2018 at 03.00 PM to 05.00 PM regarding Download (538.82 KB) pdf
10/01/2017 Complaints pending for investigation and report with CVOs Download (214.23 KB) pdf
03/03/2016 98/DSP/09(Part-2) 07/03/2016 Action on Anonymous/Pseudonymous Complaints - reg. Download (1.04 MB) pdf
01/01/2015 98-DSP-09 23/01/2015 Procedure for dealing with complaints Download (329.79 KB) pdf
07/11/2014 98/DSP/9 25/11/2014 Action on anonymous/pseudonymous complaints Download (290.87 KB) pdf
09/03/12 012/VGL/022 29/03/2012 IT enabled application in CVC for the Core Processes Download (289.37 KB) pdf
06/03/11 010/VGL/008 14/03/2011 Complaints against Secretaries to the GOI and CEOs -Clarification Download (551.93 KB) pdf
29/07/10 010/VGL/008 27/07/2010 Setting up Committees to handle complaints-Commission's clarifications Download (252.44 KB) pdf
20/05/10 002/VGL/61 19/05/2010 Adherence to time limits for investigation of complaints Download (202.9 KB) pdf
010/VGL/008 05/05/2010 Recent GOI Circular - Committees to handle complaints against Secretaries CVCs Clarification Download (208.48 KB) pdf
9/5/09 004/VGL/26 12/05/2009 Delay in submission of investigation reports on complaints under PIDPI Resolution Download (812.36 KB) pdf
04/02/2009 004/VGL/026 27/02/2009 Submission of investigation reports on complaints under Public Interest Disclosures &Protection of Informers Resolution. Download (264.65 KB) pdf
40/11/07 005/VGL/31 23/11/2007 Reporting of cases of prosecution by the competent authority in the monthly report of the CVOs. Download (170.33 KB) pdf
25/04/05 004/VGL/20 29/04/2005 Action on complaints forwarded by the Administrative Ministry / Department Download (4.73 KB) pdf
57/8/04 004/VGL/62 31/08/2004 Time Limit for investigation of complaints on Board Level Appointments - Reg. Download (41.77 KB) pdf
33/5/04 004/VGL/26 17/05/2004 Commission's Office Order on handling of Complaints under PIDPI - 2004 Download (876.5 KB) pdf
89 and 98 371/12/2002-AVD-III 21/04/2004 DoPT's Notification - Public Interest Disclosures & Protection of Informers' Resolution - 2004 (PIDPI) and Corrigendum Download (1.78 MB) pdf
16/3/04 002/VGL/61 01/04/2004 Disposal of complaints of non vigilance nature Download (4.58 KB) pdf
53/9/03 002/VGL/61 23/09/2003 Disposal of complaints sent for report regarding Substituted with Circular No.01/01/2015 dated 23/01/2015 Download (4.9 KB) pdf
98/DSP/9 11/10/2002 Improving Vigilance Administration - Action on Anonymous / Pseudonymous complaints - prior permission from the Commission - regarding. Download (4.58 KB) pdf
98/DSP/9 31/01/2002 Improving Vigilance Administration- no action to be taken on anonymous/pseudonymous petitions/complaints Download (4.84 KB) pdf
3(v)/99/2 29/06/1999 Improving Vigilance Administration-No action to be taken on anonymous/pseudonymous petitions/complaints Download (11.87 KB) pdf
3(v)/99/1 21/06/1999 Improving Vigilance Administration-Bringing in accountability Download (8.83 KB) pdf